Shell Key……

We spent our Easter Break in Florida again this year.  We figured we couldn’t deny our baby girl of seeing the most magical place on Earth and the Princesses.  We did however, only spend one day with the Mouse this year instead of every day.  We decided to try something new and rented a boat on the Gulf.  We boarded the boat and took off for the Gulf with our destination being Shell Key, which is only accessible by boat.  On the way out of the intracoastal to the Gulf, we were joined by quite a few dolphins.  Not a bad way to start out your morning!

We anchored off the key and waded in to begin our shell seeking journey.  The boys searched for the perfect shells, but the perfect shells all contain live critters.  We took pictures, then put the critters back in the water to continue their journey.

The boys stopped fighting long enough to get a good shot!

We went to the back side of the key and found calm, warm water with a nice sand beach.  My youngest son tried out his snorkeling gear for the first time.

My Mom and my husband found 2 huge Whelk’s.  Once again, the good shells still had living critters, so they were put back in the water with their friends after their photo shoots!

While they were snorkeling, swimming and shelling, Miss A and I had a little photo shoot to do.  During the photo shoot I heard my husband tell the others with us a big fish was coming and would be swimming between them.  It turned out to be a Stingray!  How cool!  Now, back to the photo shoot….. I had the pleasure to work with a talented Designer and Seamstress.  Shari is the owner of My Sweet Chickadee.  Her work is stunning and very well made!  Here are just two of the outfits from the shoot.  My next post will be all about her wonderful clothing, but here is a sneak peek!  You can browse through her shop here .

Stay tuned for more of our Easter Break photos!  Shell Key wasn’t the only fun thing we did!  Don’t forget to stop into Shari’s store My Sweet Chickadee on Etsy!!

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23 Responses to “Shell Key……”

  1. Melissa says:

    So jealous of the fantastic beach shots! Looks like a great trip!

  2. Beth says:

    These are gorgeous and your little girl has the cutest little outfits!

  3. toki says:

    LUCKY!!! What an awesome vacation you guys had!!!

  4. so jealous of you being on the beach! :) these are fantastic captures and love those little outfits!

  5. wow! what a great vacation and the images are outstanding!!! so cool!

  6. So fun, Love the shells! Pretty cute family too!

  7. Christy says:

    You really captured the essence of a beach vacation! Love the close-up shot of the shell!

  8. Jenny says:

    Those shells are crazy!! looks like a great trip!

  9. Awesome photos! Looks like so much fun!

  10. mrsjling says:

    Love the shots by the beach. Beautiful!

  11. kelly klatt says:

    Gorgeous shots-I love the processing you did on these!

  12. Jen P. says:

    Looks like so much fun!!! Love your processing on these! Great pics:)

  13. shannon says:

    looks like a great time!!! fun photos!

  14. Teresa O says:

    These are just awesome! Makes me wish I could have been there!

  15. Oh my goodness, this is amazing. I want to go to Shell Key. We went to Key West on our honeymoon and would love to go back. I loved all your images. So wonderful!

  16. SO cute! Love your summery processing on these, makes me want to live close to a beach! Love that shell shot with him smiling!

  17. Miranda says:

    Gorgeous pics… I love Florida beaches!

  18. Looks like such a fun time!!! Those shells are amazing.

  19. Kelsey says:

    Beautiful kids!

  20. Trisha says:

    These make me miss home so much! Glad you guys had a great time! Great captures of your vacation!

  21. Trisha says:

    This looks like such a great vacation! So much fun!

  22. Oh my! I want to go there! What a fun vacation and great job capturing your time there!

  23. Michelle says:

    Oh my! I want to go there! What a fun vacation and great job capturing your time there!

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