Introducing Miss P and Miss A…… two beautiful sisters.  Miss A is the perfect little baby girl while Miss P is an awesome Big Sister.

Miss P swears she is going to “walk down the aisle” with my youngest son when they grow up.  Watching them grow up together has been priceless… from the Barbie Corvette rides around the neighborhood with his arm around her… to Miss P protecting him on the soccer field (not to mention her trying to hug him and hold his hand while playing soccer)… to sleepovers… PRICELESS!!  Miss P can brighten your day just by flashing you her sweet, yet mischievous smile!

Miss A is a true miracle baby who beat the odds, but gave her mom a rough time along the way.  She is so squishy and cuddly that it is hard to put her down.  I don’t know that I have ever met a happier baby!

She has the prettiest eyes!

I have been blessed to watch Miss P grow up and can’t wait to watch Miss A do the same!  Congrats Mom and Dad for 2 beautiful little girls!

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  1. dani says:

    these are great! beautiful girls, beautiful work =)

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