The Beach…oh how I miss thee!

Now that the weather is getting cooler, I long for a trip to the beach.  The closest thing to a trip to the beach for me right now is a trip down memory lane from our trip this summer!  We were blessed with good weather, great food, drinks and conversation with awesome family and friends!  I wish all of the days of summer could be that fun and relaxing.

There is nothing better than family walks on the beach…..

….. a Grandma walking with her Grandchildren….

…..treasured memories with those you love…..

…..and those special stolen moments that remind you what life is all about.

These faces tell a story, a story of the wonderful time they shared with family and friends along the ocean.  Fishing on the beach, crabbing, clamming, boating, dolphin sitings, building sandcastles, boogie boarding, skim boarding, shelling, kite flying, a birthday party for a special 10 year old, beach soccer games, and just plain old fun with family and friends are just some of the many memories that put the smiles on the faces!

This candid photo that I snapped as I was gathering all of my gear sums it all up.  A picture is worth a thousand words!  Life is Good!

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