Welcome to the World Baby Boy!!!

I have a new cousin who is cute as cute can be!  Baby D came into the World this weekend….a great Christmas in July present for his parents!  Mom and Dad are just full of smiles!  Baby D was less than 24 hours old for his first mini photo shoot.

Isn’t he adorable?  I don’t think Mom and Dad stopped smiling the whole time I was there.  Their faces were shining with that indescribable feeling of meeting your child for the first time.  I am so glad they were blessed with Baby D!

What is it about baby feet that make them so cute? I don’t know, but I am drawn to them.

The bond that Baby D shares with his parents is evident in the way that he gazes into their eyes as they gaze back.  He feels safe in their arms and knows they will protect him from anything that may be thrown his way.  I loved capturing this for Mom and Dad to treasure!

Baby D, when I look at you I think of a Dr. Seuss book titled “Oh! The Places You’ll Go”.  The first page reads “Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to great places! You’re off and away!”  Baby D, follow your dreams and know that you are loved by many people!

Mom and Dad- cherish the moments, the little fingers and toes, the first little smiles,  and yes, even the bonding you will share during those sleepless nights!  Baby D will grow up before you know it!  Congratulations!!

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3 Responses to “Welcome to the World Baby Boy!!!”

  1. janelle says:

    hi, oh my goodness the baby is adorable, you take some awesome pics. My friend is a photographer and also has the love of baby feet, she recently did a sitting and got a pic of the baby’s feet with the parents wedding rings on the big toes, it was so cute and will become a regular pic she does when she does babies. I thought i would let you know, so maybe you could get that pic for JR, since it is SOOO cute. Like i said awesome pics!

  2. Michelle says:

    Kari, Gorgeous photos! What a lovely boy and such happy parents!

  3. Kim Kravitz says:

    These are so sweet!! Love the last image of baby D looking up at mom. Great work!

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