Danger Cliffs Ahead! Warning Ice!

What did we do last weekend?  We loaded up the family truckster (aka Suburban) with kids, grandparents and enough stuff to last for a weekend and headed for the annual family Hocking Hills trip.  The kids couldn’t wait to spend the weekend with their cousins.  The weather was wonderful- 67 degrees!  The first morning, we loaded the truckster back up and set off for the caves and waterfalls.  Old Man’s Cave was the first stop.  We were greeted with a sign that read “Danger Cliffs Ahead!  Warning Ice!”.  That seemed to be the theme with all of the parks we tried to go to that day!  We braved the icy path and continued along to find frozen waterfalls….while it was 67 degrees!

The highlight for the kids was when Grandma set up a BINGO hall at the dining room table complete with a large prize bin.  They couldn’t wait to play and win a prize!  Grandma had all of her grandchildren ages 2-11 sitting around the table with their BINGO cards and place markers.  I don’t know who was happier- Grandma or the kids!  The adults sure were happy with the quiet time it gave them.

Now, it is time to unpack and wash all of the boys muddy clothes.  They had a great time playing with their cousins!

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  1. Beth says:

    Wow, those ice pictures are amazing!

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